11 December 2018

Acqua Dolomia achieves the goal of 100 million bottles

Sorgente Valcimoliana will close the year with a provisional value for 2018 production of more than 13 million Euros, 16% more compared to 2017. The export value amounts to more or less 20% of its turnover. Very soon the new line Premium will enter the large retail chains.


Pordenone, December 11, 2018 – Sorgente Valcimoliana, the company located in Cimolais (PN) that bottles, using the brand Acqua Dolomia, the water low in mineral content flowing from the National Park of the Friulian Dolomites, part of UNESCO heritage, will close the year 2018 with a record in the production: 100 million bottles sold, with a provisional value for the production of more than 13 million Euros, 16% more compared to 2017. This year, Acqua Dolomia celebrates its first 10 years in the business, and has steadily increased its export volume, which today amounts to more or less 20% of its turnover. Acqua Dolomia is exported in Europe mainly in Belgium, Holland, Poland and Russia. Also boasts a strong partnership with distributors in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China, Indonesia, Dominican Republic and the United States. Acqua Dolomia is very well known in the Ho.re.ca. channel thanks to its glass line Exclusive and Pet Elegant, lines covering 55% of its turnover. In 2019, in order to strengthen its position on the large retail chains, Acqua Dolomia will launch a new line, Premium, that will join the current line Classic.


Gilberto Zaina, CEO of Acqua Dolomia, states: “We are closing 2018 perfectly in line with our provisional goals. We are positive that in 2020 we will be able to reach our target of 150 million bottles produced. DOLOMIA2020 was considered an ambitious goal in 2016, but at the moment it is actually within reach. An additional boost in our growth is connected to our new line Premium. Starting from January our clients will find on the shelves of the large retail chains a new line with a fresh design featuring the shapes and lines typical of our Friulian Dolomites. This is a precise positioning decision of our brand on the large retail chains to clearly share with our clients the origin of our water and to enhance the mise en place, even at home. As regards exports, we expect a strong growth over the next years, and we expect also good results on the Chinese market, where we are currently working with a distributor with strong roots in the area and that counts shares from Alibaba group. We will soon land in India too. The Indian market is very interesting for the sector of mineral waters. In 2019 we will invest on our headquarters, enhancing the glass production line with special care to environmental sustainability. The growth of our company is connected to our territory: we not only take care of economic and occupational aspect and support sports and cultural activities, but we also care for the promotion of our naturalistic resources. We have been working to strengthen the connection with the Organization of the National Park of the Friulian Dolomites to enhance the tourist offer in our wonderful Val Cimoliana, because we are ambassadors of the natural beauties of the Dolomites, part of UNESCO heritage”.


Sorgente Valcimoliana started its activity in 2008 in a 7,000-square-meter factory, located close to the National Park of the Friulian Dolomites and employing 34 people, 40 over summer. Dolomia, thanks to its organoleptic features, is often selected as a water suitable for sports, for example in Serie A works with Udinese and Genoa soccer teams. Also supports many local and national teams.