Dolomia Exclusive Sparkling 500 mL

The new Dolomia Exclusive Sparklingl 500 mL bottle is an elegant solution for a single serve in the HORECA channel. This packaging is meeting the requirements of refined style and best serve practice of high-end restaurants and luxury hospitality.  

Its unique mineral composition, purity and natural alkalinity give Dolomia water an exceptional flavour that enhances the dining experience: it’s perfect for combining with fine wine and food.
Perfect for those who enjoy a strong effervescence, Dolomia Exclusive Sparkling water provides a pleasant freshness feeling to the palate. Dolomia sparkling water is a great accompaniment for all meals.                         

Due to its exceptional purity and concentration of valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, essential for maintaining the body’s salt and water balance, Dolomia water is the perfect addition to diets for all age groups.                                                
It is distinguished by its exceptional concentration of naturally dissolved oxygen (10.2mg/L) and its naturally alkaline pH (8.0).